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Digital Watermarking And Tracking Of Intellectual Property

I recently spoke at the Governor's Conference on the Arts in Los Angeles, put on by the California Arts Council (visit them at www.californiaculture.net).

I spoke on the subject of intellectual property issues for the 21st Century, emphasizing digital watermarking/tracking technologies. I promised those that provided me with resources that I would post my findings on line. Although the speech was brief and the topic (as always) morphed somewhat, the following are my notes in preparation for the speech, and a list of the many resources available on the web for review of this very interesting and relevant issue .Thanks again to those who provided data or resources. There were many.

Michael Leventhal

California Governor's Conference on the Arts:
Notes for presentation

Web Resources:

1. Copyright 1998 CMP Media Inc. - InternetWeekNovember 9, 1998

Insights & Incites, Pg. 31, Future Mapping

Tracking Infringing Material Across The Web by Jason Busch

Thinking proactively about trademark and copyright management on the Web requires looking far beyond your own company and partner sites. With Web use and the total number of sites growing at a rapid clip managing brand, trademark and copyright issues across the Internet is becoming an increasingly complex task. The cost to manage copyrights and trademarks over the Internet is trivial compared with the millions it takes to build brand identity;


2. Copyright 1998 Business Wire, Inc. - Business Wire
November 2, 1998, MondayEntertainment Editors, Technology Writers
Liquid Audio Unveils Proprietary Watermarking Technology To Combat Internet Music Piracy; New Liquid Watermark Provides Strengthened Security To Meet the Needs of the Music IndustryNov. 2, 1998--Liquid Audio, the leading developer of secure online music and audio delivery systems, today announced that it has developed a next-generation digital watermarking technology to meet the needs of the music industry for preventing music piracy on the Internet. The new Liquid Watermark(tm), which is part of the new Liquifier Pro version 4.0 encoding software, provides performing rights agencies, record labels, music publishers, recording artists and composers simple way to identify, authenticate and protect their musical recordings and other audio-based intellectual property

3. The Intellectual Property Renaissance In Cyberspace: Why Copyright Law Could Be Unimportant On The Internet
August 14, 1997 by Eric Goldman


4. "Digital Watermarks: New Tools for Copyright Owners and Webmasters."


Written by Doug IsenbergAn outstanding compendium of web sites relating to image protection and watermarking companies is at the following location:


Other good links...

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