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LOS ANGELES, MARCH 11, 1997 -- Just when it seems you have to be psychic to keep up with the chaotic pace of change on the Web, the Internet Developers Association is announcing its initiative urging members to "use your ESP"--a new set of tools calling for Ethical Standards and Practices on the Net.

At Internet World, the IDA will be presenting the first phase of its ESP initiative designed to ensure a fair, ethical and profitable playing field for internet development.

"There is a great deal of confusion between web developers and the companies seeking web development services," explains Joe Andrieu, president of the IDA. "Many companies simply don't understand how to even write an RFP for web services. The ESP initiative seeks to provide practical tools to developers that will also benefit clients and establish a principled framework for defining relationships in this new industry."

The first of four documents designed to focus attention on these issues is Q1, a list of carefully crafted questions to help the developer quickly evaluate a potential new client and their needs.

Developed over the last several months by a dedicated core group of outstanding internet veterans, the tools being designed by the IDA's ESP committee help the developer lead the potential client either to the specification of an RFP or to initial consulting to better define their WWW objectives. Questions range from "How many employees in your company have Internet access?" to "Do you have a budget for proposals?" and "What is the mission this site will serve and how will you evaluate its effectiveness?"

The next components of the ESP package will provide guidelines to comprehensively "scope" web site project budgets and implementation phases, provide guidance to important legal issues developers and clients need to address and establish a template Master Contract covering those issues.

Q1 will be launched on the IDA Web site with bulletin board discussion areas to invite dialogue about Q1 and the initiative during Internet World.

"By establishing a dialogue about what is both fair play and good business, we believe we can raise the expectations and eventually the actual practices of people throughout the industry--both clients and contractors," members of the ESP committee said.

"What we have created is an immeasurably useful tool," said Andrieu.

A full list of the committee members, their affiliations and contact information appears in the attached sheet, "Throwing Solutions, Not Stones" and case stories illustrating the need for this initiative are included in the attachment "As the Web Turns". Committee members are: Joe Andrieu, IDA; Peter Duke, Sega GameWorks; Stanton Korey, Chrisan Productions; Patric Hedlund, Dendrite Forest, Inc.; Michael Leventhal, Law Office of Michael Leventhal; Warren Malfer, Internet Outfitters; Gary Meyer, Computers, Freedom & Privacy Video Project; Janice Norton, Hands of Time Animation & Design; Stephen Paik, Internet Outfitters; Christopher Paine, Internet Outfitters; Elaine Palmer, The Best People; Jeannine Parker, Magnitude Associates; Fran Pomerantz, The Pomerantz Group; Steven Shmerler, SAS Entertainment; and Nick Rothenberg, W3-design, Inc.

The Internet Developers Association was the premier professional association for Internet content developers. More than 1200 members strong, the IDA functions as a central community and unified voice for developers on issues shaping the future of the Internet. The IDA provides a range of services and initiatives for helping members improve their professional skills and expand their capabilities.

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