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Q1The ESP initiative was created by the beach party and consists of four parts. Below is part one, or "Q1." Q1 is a qualifying document which will aid both the developer and client in determining what the client needs, their resources, familiarity with the Internet and the scope of the project. By using Q1, you will know whether the client is ready to undertake the building of a Website or first needs consultation.

This is an important initiative for the entire Internet and we encourage your involvement and support.

  1. What was your name?
  2. And your telephone number in case we get cut off?

I. How did you hear about us?

  1. What can we do for you?
  2. What is the nature of your business?
  3. Who are your customers/constituents? (Not always the same)

II. How familiar is your company with the Internet?

  1. Do you have an internal network?
    1. __ LAN
    2. __ Intranet
    3. __ Email (yourname@yourserver.com)
    4. __ Webmaster
  2. Do employees have access to the Internet?
    1. How many of them?
  3. Is there an existing website?
  4. If yes, will this project change it or create a new one?
  5. If the answer is yes, "it will change it", why do you want to change it?
  6. Have you or your company done a project like this before?
III. Have you defined the scope of the project?
  1. Is there anything written that you could send us?
    1. __ Project Description
    2. __ Creative Brief
    3. __ Request for Proposals (RFP)
  2. If nothing is written, can you briefly describe what you're envisioning?

IV. Is there a budget for this project?

  1. If no, then you may need a consultation to help define one...
  2. If yes, is there a line item for development (i.e storyboards and proposals)?
  3. If not, can one be added?

V. Let's talk about the proposal process:

  1. On what date did the original proposal or project description go out?
  2. When is the response due?
  3. How many developers have you approached?
  4. Who are they? (The goal here is to define what kind of a peer group you are working in if possible, but if they don't want to answer, don't press it. For example: "It's important to know what kind of style you are looking for")
  5. How many proposals are under consideration at this time?
  6. Are there other contractors or in-house staff that are already attached to the project?
  7. If so,who are they--and when can we meet or talk with them?

VI. When is the final produced project due?

  1. Are there any events tied to the project launch (i.e. product release, tour, media event, etc.)?

VII. What goals do you have for this project?

  1. What do you specifically hope to accomplish? (i.e. how will you judge the success of this project?
  2. Who is your target audience/market?
  3. How do you envision the project supporting your organization missions and objectives?
  4. What are the three most pressing problems that your company is trying to solve right now? Who are your competitors?
  5. What are their competitive stategies?
  6. Do they have a Website? If yes, what are your comments about it?

VIII. How is your organization structured?

  1. Who is it who wants the project done?
  2. Who is/are the final decision maker(s)?
  3. What level of approvals are needed for the project?
  4. Does approval authority reside in your division or another?
  5. Who approves upgrades and changes to the site?
  6. Will anyone else have input or approval?
  7. What are their roles as you understand them?
  8. Who is responsible for design (look and feel of the project)?
  9. Who is responsible for deliverables?
  10. Who is responsible for signing off on the deliverables of this project?
  11. Who approves the payments?
IX.What features or functions do you want on the site?

(i.e. database, commerce, animation, build an email list, etc.)

X. Do you have existing content?

  1. What form is it in? digital art?
    1. digital documents?
    2. printed photos?
    3. transparancies?
    4. rendered art?
    5. printed documents?
    6. database?
    7. other__________
  2. Are the rights for all your content cleared?
  3. If not, is there a budget for clearance?

XI. Who is or will be the prime contractor?

  1. Who is the project manager?
  2. How are the contractors and subcontractors on this project organized?

XII. If there is a budget, have you included line items for:

  1. Storyboards and Proposals Design and formal specifications (i.e. creation of a document that describes the business context, technical architecture, functionality, roles and responsibilities, etc for the entire project.

  2. Creative (written and graphical content) Custom programming (cgi, database, Java, etc.) Software Hardware Revisions Training (your in-house staff) Testing and QA (quality assurance) Hosting (i.e. ISP, In-house) Maintanence

FINAL NOTE: if a budget is not well defined or funded, you may wish to suggest a consultation at this point if you haven't already. If the budget is in order to your satisfaction, then continue to Q2...

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