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Since this past summer, a group of concerned internet veterans have been rushing off once a week to watch the sun set over the Pacific and debate how to develop practical solutions for ethical concerns that are starting to have a significant impact on the most creative members of the Net' community. Known originally as "the beach party," the catalyst for these meetings was the growing number of reports such as the "As The Web Turns" war stories attached to this announcement.

It seems that as the Web rushes full bore toward profitability, it is also attracting its share of questionable business practices--perhaps left-overs from other times and other industries, perhaps just a product of humannature's weaker side. Happily, the Internet Developers Association seized the opportunity to work with us to design a principled framework for defining relationships in this new industry.

The IDA invited the members of the beach party to join with them to develop and distribute practical tools that will help developers and clients navigate around the rocky shoals that most often threaten new web ventures. Our goal is to strengthen the creative culture which is driving development of the Net, and to enhance the economic strength of the Net's creative business community.

Now, as the Ethical Standards and Practices (ESP) committee of the IDA, this committed group of professionals is eager to join in vigorous dialogue with developers worldwide to fine-tune the series of tools which we are
developing. You are invited to visit our pages on the IDA web site and join with us to define proactive guides that will help developers improve their businesses, help us work effectively with clients and help build our entire industry--and internet culture--on a higher platform.

The founding members of this group are listed on the flip side of this sheet, and after more than seven months of going to hard working beach parties to develop our ESP, we are quite certain that this will be the last time that our membership will be able to be listed on a single sheet of paper. We invite you to join us.

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